A Talk on Relationships0, RElationships, RELATIONSHIPS by Dr Helgo Schomer

We all want relationships, but do we know how to? Let us examine what the experts in social psychology say and maybe we can learn a trick or two to better our relationship behaviours. So, all of you who love to love should come and pitch in... whether you have a loving relationship with a fellow human being, a cat, a dog, or the sea.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes, Helgo

Come and participate, share, contribute or just dance. Surfboards optional.

When:  Friday, 22 December 2017 at 18H30

Where: Rolling Wood, 4 York Road, Muizenberg

Telephone: 021 788 2680 / 082 372 3142

Price: R75 (includes a free coffee, tea or drink - R25 per ticket donated to beach cleanup)

Tickets: shop@rollingwood.co.za


         Enhancing Human Effectiveness

     Dr. Helgo Schomer